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Mrs. Meenamma ILLTEM Lumbar Spine Fusion Surgery.

29 Mar 2023
Mrs. Meenamma ILLTEM Lumbar Spine Fusion Surgery
52 yrs active house wife had severe low back and both legs sciatica ( Neurogenic Claudication ) . She has been under my follow up since last 2 yrs. Initially her symptoms were moderate hence Spine Pain Procedure CESI  ( Caudal Epidural Steroid Injection ) was performed which gave her temporary symptom relief.
2 yrs later her symptoms recurred with increasing severity. She and her family were counselled for surgery which they readily agreed. She underwent Lumbar decompression and Fusion Surgery (TLIF). She is quite delighted by her procedure and is back to her normal life . 
She expressed her gratitude in Telugu language.🙏

KL Spine Surgeon believes in providing evidence-basedpatient-centric comprehensive care which is personalized to each patient. He is thorough and meticulous and aims to deliver the best outcomes for his patients.He offers multiple solutions both Non Surgical and Surgical methods that relives pain, restore active and healthy lifestyle. 


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