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Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery - Mrs. EM from USA.

28 Jun 2023

Movement is Life :: Life is Movement 

Mrs. EM 37 yrs old IT professional from USA presented to my private KL Health Centre Clinic with Chronic axial neck pain and severe right upper limb radiculopathy. She was on multiple pain medication to control her pain. She also underwent a cervical epidural pain procedure in the US recently prior to her travel to India.

Clinically she had unrelenting right upper limb pain, weakness and was unable to move her right arm due to severe pain. She underwent relevant investigations and was diagnosed to  have a significantly large right sided disc prolapse at C5/6. She and her family were counselled about her condition and was offered Cervical Disc  Replacement Surgery to relieve her agony.

Orthopaedic Spine Surgery was performed @ Yashoda Hospital, Somajiguda, Hyderabad .

 C5/6 Cervical Disc Replacement.:-  SECURE- C  ( Globus Medical USA ) 

Post Procedure she had significant reduction in right upper extremity radiculopathy and was mobilising the next day. She was quite pleased with the outcome of Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery. She was fully discharged at 5 weeks post procedure and had regained good range of movements in her cervical spine. 

KL Spine Team is deeply humbled by her kind testimonial and wishes her a healthy future ahead.🙏 

Motion Sparing Technology is an excellent option in the young with its added benefit of retaining segmental motion and preventing adjacent segment degeneration.
















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