Chaitanya Relangi , Patient
I'm working as a marine design engineer in Singapore. I got a chronic radiating leg pain since 17 Nov 2019. In this time I can't sleep, walk and sit. I saw some doctors in Singapore they suggest surgery they told me it's open surgery and bone cutting. I search in Google and I found Dr Kiran Kumar Lingutla profile and immediately we came to India to meet the doctor. I got admitted to Yashoda Hospital. I came to the hospital by wheelchair and the doctor suggested me minimally invasive spine surgery without any bone cutting and the next day I go for surgery. Surgery was done and I was able to walk normally without pain on the same day just 2 hours after the surgery. I was discharged the very next day of surgery. I'm sincerely thankful to Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla sir and team.
Dec 16, 2019
Patient Testimonials | Dr.Kiran Kumar Lingutla | Somajiguda, Hyderabad
Madeunko Unko , Patient
I bring my siz to Hyderabad india and we went so many hospital at long last we find Dr.Kiran Kumar Linguta in yashoda hospital ...he is the best orthopaedic spine surgeon ...thk u sir.he did surgery for spine before she didn't walk and it's success and she walking now. we going back Somalia. thanks so much for your help.
Oct 10, 2019
RUKIA HUSSEIN ALI , Patient Relative
I got my uncle Mr Ilyes Mohamed Abdulle from Mogadishu ,Somalia to see Dr.Kiran Lingutla Sir after reference from his other patients . He was walking bent to one side and had severe pain and we visited other centers and they said the surgery was very risk and luckly we met Dr. Kiran Lingutla Sir at Yashoda Hospital-Somajiguda and he guided us through the procedure of the surgery and he has good relief after surgery and finally surgery was done succesful and all the bones were straigtened and now no pain and he is walking normally. We appreciate Dr.Kiran Kumar Lingutla Sir . About the good servive and the treatement he has give to us. May God bless him.
Oct 10, 2019
Syed Sarvar Ali , Patient
I syed sarvar Ali came to yashoda hospital somajiguda with serious spinal pain on 15may2019.i met with DR:KIRAN KUMAR LINGUTLA. He gave me treatment which is with in 8 days I am completely feeling better now I don't have any pain it's such miracle. Now I am so happy I am very thankful to this doctor thanks once again
Oct 10, 2019
suman chatterjee , Patient Relative
Am suman chatterjee from ranigang have admitted my mother on 21st may,2019 with serious back pain. Have got the details of Dr. Kiran kumar Lingutla from one of my relatives. Dr. Kiran Kumar attend my mother and suggest for a surgery. Dr. Kiran Kumar operate on her and take a lot of care. Now she is fit and can walk & sit properly. I am very happy with the Dr. and associats of this hospital. He is a very good doctor. God bless him
Oct 10, 2019
Kaushik S , Patient
Great doctor, with lot of patience and happy smile, by talking with the doctor itself, I feel that 90% of my disease has been cured and remaining 10% by using the medicines.
Oct 10, 2019
Suman Bhoopati , Patient
Hi, My father was suffering from very bad back pain from past 1 year, we visited almost 4 spine surgeons and we decided to go with Kiran Sir. we were under tremendous pressure whether to carry out the surgery( L4,L5 disk bulge problem) or not, after multiple discussions with Doctor, we decided to go for it and surgery happened on 1st April. Thanks to Kiran Sir and team, now my father is able to walk and doing his own day to day activities with out any problem. Sir, You are marvelous and very much happy for the kind of support during our tough time.
Oct 10, 2019
Labani Dhar , Patient Relative
My father in law - Mr. Ujjal kumar Dhar was suffering from some severe spine problem and he was not able to walk due to massive pain. We have shown couple of doctors but nothing was effective. We got the information of Dr. Kiran Kumar - spine surgeon in yashoda hospital, somajiguda and we took his valuable consultancy ,got the surgery done and very very satisfied. Thanks to Dr. Kiran for the kind support given to us. Regards... Labani Dhar ( Daughter in law of Mr. Ujjal kumar dhar)
Oct 10, 2019
Ashmitha Naidu , Patient
Myself Ashmitha and My father(Doraswamy Naidu) was unable to walk since four years...we have visited so many hospitals and also visited so called multi specialty hospitals in Hyderabad as well. But not even one doctor didn't find the exact problem and they have done both knee surgeries....After surgery also he was completely unable to walk and became depressed and gone through so many treatment's after knee surgery as well but no use...But by God's grace we met Dr.Kiran and he sorted out that its not the knee problem and its spine problem..And Dr.Kiran well explained about the condition of my father how worse his situation was...so we decided to go with surgery...And after surgery the results are Amazing...and he is walking without any support after a month...And I really can't express through words how happy we are watching at my father walking nicely...And we feel very lucky enough to meet Dr.Kiran. By God's grace he is in our lifes today..And last but not least the only thing I am posting this because people who may suffer like this, for them Dr. Kiran is the one and only best solution.....
Oct 5, 2019
Abubakar Sheik , Patient Relative
2 months ago- Hi am from Kenya, My father aged 69yrs was suffering from very bad back pain from past three months. He was having very difficulty to walk even with support of a stick. we visited almost 6 spine surgeons (4 in my home country ,2 in India).. and we decided to go with Kiran Sir. we were under tremendous pressure whether to carry out the surgery( L2,L3 disk bulge problem) or not, after multiple discussions with Doctor, we decided to go for it and surgery happened on 12/07/19. After surgery the pain reduced to almost negligible level. He will be discharged tomorrow. Thanks to Kiran Lingutla Sir and his team, now my father is able to walk without any problem. Sir, You are marvelous and very much happy for the kind of support during our tough time.
Oct 5, 2019
Moksha , Patient
My mother had been suffering from back pain and leg pain for last 10 years. Medicines didn't work for her. Since it went unbearable at a moment we approached Dr. Kiran. After the surgery (18th July) she's feeling good and regaining the lost hope. She's able to sit and walk without any pain. Sir and his team are so caring for patients. It's my duty to update here about you Dr.Kiran Kumar sir. Thank you.
Oct 5, 2019
Najah Hashi , Patient
My mom had back problems. I took her to this clinic. Both the doctor and his assistant were very good. They were respectful and communicated well with both me and my mother. My mom is doing better. She was bent over and now she is standing straight. The doctor saw her to check on her every few days and kept a good eye on her. We were happy with their care.
Oct 5, 2019
Ajibike Olaseni , Patient Relative
Dr. Kiran Kumar lingutla treated my son he is a excellent in his speciality he treated so greatly services here in international ward excellent food, house keeping also very well...
Oct 3, 2019
Ashok Kartani , Patient Relative
Dr. Kiran kumar lingutla done my brother surgery he is a great surgeon, services in this hospital is just remarkable and satisfatory everything is just well maintained
Oct 3, 2019
Naresh M , Patient Relative
A week ago My father admitted under Dr. Kiran Kumar lingutla sir spine surgeon he treated my father very well and we are happy with the general ward services now we are discharged and definitely recommend to family n friends...
Oct 3, 2019
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