Wall slides: Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla

Dr. Kiran kumar Lingutla

Begin the exercise with very gentle knee flexion and no real lower extremity or back strain.
Position the back against the wall. Keep the arms by the side. Tighten the trunk muscles and get the spine into the neutral pain free position. Gently slide the back down the wall, bending the hip and the knee. As your capacity to do this exercise improves, go down some more until the hips and knees are bent to 90*.

Level 1: Less than 90 degrees. Repeat 1 x 10.
Level 2: 90 degrees. Maintain for 20 seconds. Repeat x 10.
Level 3: 90 degrees. Hold 30 seconds. Repeat x 10.
Level 4: 90 degrees. Hold arms extended with weights. Hold 30 seconds. Repeat x 10
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