Bridging exercises to strengthen the gluteal, quadriceps and hamstring muscles

Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla

Attempt to lift the buttocks off the floor, hinging at the hip joint, while trying to make a straight line from the shoulder to the knees.

Raise the hips one inch off the floor and maintain the neutral pain free position for a count of 10. Repeat 2 x 10.
Then raise the hips further off the floor to the maximum height comfortably possible, whle maintaining the neutral position. Hold to a count of 10 and then return. Repeat 2 x 20.
Raise the hips 3 inches off the floor and hold. Extend one leg while maintaining the back in the neutral position. Hold for a count of 10. Place the foot on the floor and relax. Repeat with the other leg 1 x 20.
Repeat above 2 x 20.
Repeat above 3x 20.
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