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Lumbar Chronic Disc Prolapse Spine Surgery

10 Jul 2022
Lumbar Chronic Disc Prolapse Spine Surgery Mrs.S had a large lumbar disc prolapse for which she has seen and got non operative treatment elsewhere. Her posture and gait gradually got worsened over time and it had an impact on her social life as well. She presented to me with worsening symptoms of pain, gait changes & gross postural deformity. She had a high BMI and after detailed clinical examination, Lumbar Spine Surgery was performed . She has responded well to Orthopaedic Spine Surgery . She understands that she needs to reduce her BMI in the future during her rehabilitation phase. High BMI should not be a contradiction for Orthopaedic Spine Surgery as in carefully selected patients it gives good clinical results. Lumbar Micro Discectomy and Decompression Surgery which is a time tested and gold standard procedure was performed on her. #klspinesurgeon #klhealthcentreclinic #orthopaedicspinesurgery #yashodahospitalsomajiguda #discprolapse #spinehealth
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