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Tandem Spinal Stenosis ( TSS ) - Single Stage Spine Surgery

24 Aug 2023
     Single Stage Spine Surgery for Tandem Spinal Stenosis
Mr. Sivasankarappa 72 yrs active farmer from Ananthapur came to me with symptoms of Gait disturbance, Weakness in his legs and hands, difficulty to walk and inability to grip with his hands. On clinical and radiological examination, He was diagnosed to have Tandem Spinal Stenosis ( TSS ) which is Dual Stenosis of both Cervical and Lumbar Spine .

In the Cervical Spine he had C3/4 Cervical Spinal Cord Compression with Myelomalacia Changes in the Spinal Cord and in the Lumbar Spine he had Severe L4/5 Lumbar Canal Stenosis causing his symptoms .

He Underwent Single Stage Orthopaedic Spine Surgery at Yashoda Hospital Somajiguda under my care.

 - C3/4 ACDF ( Anterior Cervical Decompression and Fusion ) + L4/5 Posterior Decompression / Stabilisation and Fusion.

He recovered well from both his spine surgeries and is able to walk now with minimal assistance. 

What is Tandem Spinal Stenosis ( TSS ) ?

Tandem spinal stenosis refers to spinal canal diameter narrowing in at least 2 distinct regions of the spine, most commonly the lumbar and cervical regions. It can present with severe myelopathy and lower-extremity symptoms as our patient had both Upper and Lower Limb Symptoms.

Tandem spinal stenosis is a common condition present in up to 60% of patients with spinal stenosis. This disorder, however, is often overlooked, which can lead to serious complications. Identification of tandem spinal stenosis is paramount as a first step in management of these patients.

Several studies have shown favorable outcomes in simultaneous decompression giving Cervical Spine Surgery the Priority and hence done first on our patient and then he was placed in prone position for Lumbar Spine Surgery.

Careful selection of candidates for simultaneous surgery may reduce the length of stay and consolidate rehabilitation, thereby reducing hospital-associated costs especially to reduce cost burden to the patient.

KL Spine Surgeon believes in providing evidence-based, patient-centric comprehensive care which is personalized to each patient. He is thorough and meticulous and aims to deliver the best outcomes for his patients.He offers multiple solutions both Non Surgical and Surgical methods that relives pain, restore active and healthy lifestyle.




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