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Lumbar Disc Prolapse with Calcification

7 Dec 2022

Lumbar disc herniation with calcification is characterised by calcification of annulus of the prolapsed lumbar disc .It is a special type of lumbar disc herniation where the nerve root can sometimes be adherent to the calcified annulus thereby increasing the complexity of surgery.

It manifests as  chronic low back pain radiating down the leg, severely limiting normal activity and impairing quality of life.

Mr.SKR presented with the above diagnosis with severe back and leg pain. Following through clinical evaluation, Lumbar Micro Decompression Spine Surgery was performed. He was quite pleased with the outcome of the procedure and was walking the same evening after his surgery and was discharged the following day. 

Dr Kiran Kumar Lingutla is FRCS Ed (Tr & Ortho) board certified and comprehensively Fellowship Trained Senior Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon with the Best of National and International experience.

He believes in providing Concierge type Spine Care process to his patients which Aims to Relieve pain, Restore active lifestyle and Return to health as seamlessly as possible.









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