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Complex Cervical Spine Surgery - C7 Unstable Burst Fracture.

8 Jul 2022
15 yrs old teenager following a MVA sustained a subaxial cervical spine injury. C7 Unstable Flexion Teardrop Fracture with PLC injury. His SLIC severity score was more than 5. He had Right C8 sensory deficit with brisk reflexes. Motor was intact C5-T1 & L2-S1. 

Orthopaedic Spine Surgery : Anterior Cervical C7 Corpectomy, Decompression and Fusion from C6-T1 with expandable cage and anterior cervical contoured plate. 

Patient and family were explained the possible need for posterior stabilisation and fusion in future. Since his facets were not fractured only anterior decompression and rigid stabilisation was performed. 

He recovered well and was mobilised the very next day with a hard cervical collar.

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