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Failed Back Surgery Syndrome by Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla
FAILED BACK SURGERY SYNDROMEFailed back surgery syndrome (also called FBSS, or failed back syndrome) is a misnomer, as it is not actually a syndrom...
Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla
Chin Tuck McKenzie Exercise for Neck
McKenzie Side Bending Exercise for Neck
Neck Rotation McKenzie Exercise
Neck Exercises by Dr Kiran Kumar Lingutla
  Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla is amongst the best spine surgeon in Somajiguda, Hyderabad who is specialized in Spine Surg...
Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla
Aerobic Conditioning: Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla
The key is to vary the type of exercises you do, so that you do not get bored. Try and gradually increase the volume of exercises you do. You need ...
Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla
Wall slides
Wall slides: Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla
Begin the exercise with very gentle knee flexion and no real lower extremity or back strain.Position the back against the wall. Keep the arms by th...
Dr. Kiran kumar Lingutla
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Exercises for core strengthening
Level-1Hold the spine in the pain free neutral position. Count to 10 and relax. Abduct the hands to under the head. Brace the abdominal muscles to ...
Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla
Anatomy of spine
Anatomy of spine
Anatomy of spine
Anatomy of spine: Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla
Anatomy of spineThe human spine is made up of five sections consisting of 33 bony vertebrae. The seven cervical vertebrae make up the neck, the twe...
Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla
Back pain
Find out how everyday standing and sitting habits can cause back pain and other ailments.
Scoliosis is the abnormal twisting and curvature of the spine. It is usually first noticed by a change in appearance of the back.
Kyphosis is curvature of the spine that causes the top of the back to appear more rounded than normal. While some degree of curvature is normal, a curve of more than 60 degrees is considered a sign of kyphosis.
Coccydynia is a type of lower back pain felt around the last bone at the base of the spine (known as the coccyx or tailbone). The pain of coccydynia can range from mild to severe and is usually worse when:
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