Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla, Spine Surgery, Ameerpet, Hyderabad
Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla, Spine Surgery, Ameerpet, Hyderabad

Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla

Consultant Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon

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Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla

MBBS, D’Ortho, MRCS (Edinburgh), FRCS Ed (Tr & Ortho), MCh Ortho(UK)
B.O.A Senior Spine Surgery Fellowship at University Hospital Of Wales , Cardiff, UK.

Consultant Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon
Yashoda Superspeciality Hospitals
Somajiguda Hyderabad

 I graduated with MBBS (1999) from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal which is one of the premier institutes recognised both nationally and internationally. Upon completion of MBBS, I joined J.S.S Medical College, Mysore, to pursue my passion for orthopaedics and completed my post graduation in Orthopaedic surgery. During this period I developed a keen interest towards spine surgery and decided to complete my spine surgery training in the UK.

 After passing the required exams to practice in UK, I joined Spine surgery department at North Tees University Hospital, Stockton-on-Tees in 2003. I started from the grass root level of senior house officer in the spine department during which time I completed MRCS ( Member of Royal College of Surgeons ) from Edinburgh. After doing the required in hospital rotations in various orthopaedic subspecialties I passed my FRCS ( Trauma & Orthopaedics ) from RCSED ( Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh ). During all my training period, I was part of the Spine Surgery Unit which gave me adequate surgical and academical opportunities to train and learn from the best surgeons. Later on, I completed MCh Orthopedics from James Cook University Hospital at Middlesborough. My MCh thesis was published in Bone and Joint Journal -British edition.

 I was then selected for British Orthopedic Association Senior Spine Surgery fellowship for one year at University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff. This was comprehensive spine surgery fellowship programme in a tertiary Level 1 center. I had the opportunity to refine and learn deformity, degenerative, trauma and tumor management in spine surgery . During this time I was invited for a podium presentation of my work at IMAST meeting at Kuala Lumpur. Next was European Spine journal paper publication on  Sacro-iliac joint fusion for low back pain . I have authored a spine implants chapter in a book ‘Radiology of Orthopaedic Implants’ which was published by Springer.

 After my fellowship ,I was appointed as Consultant Spine Surgeon (L) at Salisbury Hospital, Wiltshire, England. Duke of Cornwall Unit in this hospital is one of the UK Spinal cord injuries refferal center. Then we decided to return to our motherland and I joined Yashoda Super Speciality Hospital ,Somajiguda, Hyderabad  as Consultant Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon in 2016.

 I am an active sports person and cricket is on top of the list. I have represented as captain of my medical college university cricket team during my undergraduate days and played for Durham City and Stokesley cricket clubs in England.
Been in practice for
21 years
My Qualifications

MBBS, D.ORTHO, MRCS(Edinburgh-UK), FRCS Ed(Tr & Ortho), MCh Ortho. UK, BOA Spine Fellowship UHW, Cardiff, UK

My specializations

Spine Surgery

Fellowships & certifications
British Orthopaedic Association Senior Spine Surgery Fellowship
2014 to 2015
University Hopsital of Wales,Cardiff, UK
Testimonials (87)

Dr. Kiran Lingutla is a boon for my mother. He immediately diagnosed my mother's spine problem and properly made us understand the problem. He was very supportive from surgery till my mother healed. He even cheered my mother for surgery and made her calm to go for such a major operation. My mother was not able to even sit now she is doing all her work just after 10 days of surgery as well all the pain is gone after spine surgery by Dr. Kiran. He responds any time if you have in problem. Even if he is busy, he will call back and try to resolve a problem I recommend Dr. Kiran for all back and orthopedic matters. One of the best doctors in Telangana.

Ashna Barnawal

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the exceptional care you provided during my father's recent L4-L5 decompression surgery. Your expertise and dedication have had a profound impact on our family, and we are incredibly thankful for the positive outcome. From the moment we met you, your confidence and reassurance put our minds at ease. Throughout the entire process, you displayed unwavering professionalism and genuine concern for my father's well-being. Your ability to explain complex medical details clearly and understandably helped us make informed decisions and feel more comfortable with the surgery. The surgery's success speaks volumes about your surgical skill and precision. My father has experienced a significant improvement in his quality of life, with reduced pain and increased mobility. Your meticulous approach to the procedure and the post-operative care you provided truly made all the difference. Furthermore, your compassionate and empathetic bedside manner made a challenging time more bearable for our family. Your willingness to answer our questions, address our concerns, and offer support made us feel like we were in capable hands. We are grateful for your dedication not only to the medical field but also to your patients. Your commitment to ensuring the best possible outcome for my father is deeply appreciated, and we will forever be thankful for your care. Once again, thank you for your outstanding work as a spine surgeon. You have positively impacted our lives, and we are truly fortunate to have had you as our surgeon.

Seggum Srinivas

Dr.Kiran performed microdiscectomy surgery to treat my herniated disc. He thoroughly examined my situation and presented me With my options. He was very approachable, professional, and experienced in every aspect. Highly recommend him for any spine-related issues.

Sindhura Reddy

Dr.Kiran Lingutla is is very experienced and humble Sr. Consultant Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon at Yashoda Hospital, Somajiguda, Hyderabad. My Mother (N.Vimala Devi) around 76 years had L4, L5 Spine, and Hip problems for a few months, Initially, I took her to local doctors in Anantapur (my hometown) and haven’t seen any improvement instead it went to peak stage within a week, she was unable to bare the pain and even sit for few minutes. I immediately reached Yashodha Hospital and consulted Dr Kiran Lingutla Sir with reference from Dr. K Sreekanth sir ( Sr.Surgical Oncologist) Sir easily understood the problem, and provided the right advice and diagnosis procedure, he also gave hope to my mom and us that everything will be okay and he will take care of the diagnosis procedures. Post CCC/LCS diagnosis my mother recovered and was able to sit, walk, and do her daily routines with ease. Within a day I can see my Mom is back to normal. I and my family are really grateful and thankful to him for saving my mother's life. I strongly believe the doctor is I recommend the best doctor in Yashodha Hospital for spine surgery. To put it simply about how to express Its so good to see my mother come back to normal thanks for your treatment with personal care .Thanks for your support Dr. Kiran sir, Dr. Sneha madam, and Team Yashodha.

Kishore Kumar

My mother can't walk or sit because of a spinal cord problem and spine TB after consulting Dr. LINGUTLA sir he had a surgery and was prescribed proper medication we are happy that now she can walk and sit without pain.

Madhavi Vadlakonda

My father has had back pain for 4 years we went to many hospitals but no use and got to know about Dr Kiran Lingutla Sir we came directly to meet and did all the clinical examinations suggested for surgery. Dr Kiran Kumar Lingutla sir very kind and cordial gave psychological support to us. Before surgery, my father had many sleepless nights due to back pain. After surgery, he is able to walk and do his activities normally within 5 days only. After surgery also Dr. Sneha gave kind support and called to us every day and took the patient's condition and suggestions. We are very much thankful to Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla sir and Dr. Sneha madam In this aspect for their attendance and proper treatment.

Raju Nomula

Name: G Manjula Reddy age: 45 My mother had back pain for 15 years all hospitals attended again pain coming to any solution was not required the money was spent 15 lacs I saw the YouTube Yashoda hospital doctor Kiran Kumar Lingutala doctor see all my reports doctor said spinal cord problem I said to do the operation as successfully and my mother walking doing work there was no pain in legs back pain is also not there my problem is solved thank you sir Yashoda hospital Kiran Kumar lingutala teamwork will be good success operations

Sravan Reddy

Very successful surgery my mother spin surgery recently very experience doctor kiran kumar lingutla such great person so successful completed surgery Thanku you so much sir


Hi, I'm A.V.Sailaja. I was suffering from severe back pain due to disc prolapse since 2018.I consulted many doctors, it was of no use. All those doctors suggested that surgery is a must. I was so scared of the surgery and suspected that I might not be able to move from bed if it failed. I immediately searched for options. My father suggested Dr.Kiran Kumar Lingutla might be the proper option. Hence I approached Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla, After checking well he suggested CESI for my problem and gave me the confidence to get it done without any hesitation. I got confident and relieved from the scary feelings. Even Dr.Sneha of his team also gave me confidence and a moral boost, that my problem shall be completely vanquished, I shall be well attending my routine, as earlier. I'm very much thankful to her also. Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla sir is very cordial and gives psychological support to his patients from the very first moment of their approach to him. It's a very nice gesture of him. He has given the treatment to me, thereafter I'm able to attend to my routine as I was earlier, without this problem. I'm very much thankful to Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla sir and Dr. Sneha in this aspect for their attendance and proper treatment.

Akkinapalli Prameela Rani

My name is Talari Srinivasulu. Madi Anantapur District Beluguppa Mandal Narasapuram Village. My father has been suffering from neck pain and back pain since the age of ten. The right treatment was not found in our area hospital. Later Yashoda Hospital contacted them. A doctor named Kiran Kumar Lingutla saw him and successfully completed the risky operation. Now my father is out of that pain and is happy. He is walking well. Thank you on behalf of our family to Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla who performed the operation.

Seenu Boya

The services that I received from Dr.Kiran Kumar Lingutla and the staff are friendly and ensure that I am properly informed about my health and care. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family.

Jamuna K

Hi All, My father at the age of around 70 years, has undergone Surgery in Backbone L5 -S1. Now my father is perfectly alright. My father is very much happy with the surgery done by Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla. He is a spine specialist. Even the post surgery care and follow-up care are fantastic. Really thankful to Dr. Kiran and Yashoda Hospital.

Chennakesava Kadapa

L5-S1 Spine Surgery: I have suffered from back pain for two years. Sometimes low and at times high. Whenever I visited the nearest hospital and orthopedist, I would end up with some painkillers which temporarily relieved my pain. But it kept chasing me on and off. One day I consulted Dr. Mohan Krishna and explained the suffering I went through with lower back pain. He then advised me to go for an MRI scan. The reports were abnormal and a disc bulge was identified at L5-S1. On his further recommendation, I consulted Spine Surgeon Dr. Kiran Lingutla who identified the exact point of my back pain in a snap and advised me to opt for surgery so as to get relief from the pain permanently. I never imagined that I could walk with ease the very next day post my spine surgery. Thanks is simply not enough to Dr. Kiran Lingutla Sir who did it all and boosted confidence in me before and after surgery. Nevertheless, I cannot stop myself from this as there is another person who had been following me for my well-being throughout the process right from admission to discharge, she is Dr. Sneha. Thank you, Madam. Thank you Dr. Kiran Lingutla Sir.


Dr. Kiran Garu, My heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional care and expertise you provided during my wife's recent spinal surgery. Your skill, professionalism, and dedication to your patients have made an incredible difference in our lives, and we are truly grateful. From the moment we met you, your confident and compassionate demeanor put us at ease. Your ability to explain complex medical procedures in a way that we could understand allowed us to make informed decisions about my wife's treatment. Your patience in answering our numerous questions and addressing our concerns was greatly appreciated. During the surgery, we witnessed your surgical prowess and attention to detail. Your precise execution of the procedure and your ability to navigate the complexities of my wife's condition filled us with confidence. Your commitment to ensuring her safety and well-being was evident throughout the entire process. Not only did you demonstrate exceptional medical expertise, but your kindness and empathy made a significant impact on both my wife and me. Your reassuring words and genuine concern before, during, and after the surgery provided us with much-needed comfort during a challenging time. Please accept this token of our appreciation as a small gesture of our gratitude. We understand that it cannot fully convey the depth of our appreciation for everything you have done. Nevertheless, we hope it serves as a reminder of the positive impact you have made in our lives. Once again, thank you for your exceptional care, expertise, and unwavering commitment to your patients. You have not only improved my wife's quality of life but also restored our hope for a brighter future. We will be forever grateful for your skillful hands and compassionate heart.

Dileep Vepenjari

Hi. I am Sunam Datta. My mother, Mrs. Archana Datta was suffering from severe back pain after a failed surgery for a spinal fracture she picked up in 2019. We consulted many doctors without any results. Recent diagnostics suggested that she might get paralyzed because of the failed surgery. We immediately started looking for options in Google and we are glad we came to know about Dr. Kiran Lingutla. My mom, age 59, being a diabetic patient for over 25 years, obese, and also having hypertension, was scared about what the doctor would say. After listening to my mom and understanding all her issues, Dr. Kiran Lingutla suggested we go for surgery. Before the surgery, extensive testing about all concerning issues was done seeing her medical history and only after that, they went ahead with the surgery. Her surgery happened on the 5th of July, 23. The procedure was long. But to our surprise, she was made to walk the very next day. The recovery went on for the next few days. Dr. Kiran Lingutla and his team used to check up on her even at night. I got a call from Dr. Sneha asking about her every night during her stay in the hospital and even after that. We are deeply thankful to Dr. Kiran Lingutla and his team.

Sunam Dutta

I visited several doctors in the last 3 years. All are famous doctors. Dr Kiran Garu is one more to that list, but he is very special. All doctors just gave 5-10 mins of time, but Dr. Kiran Garu gave more than 1 hour for 2-3 days because he had gone through my full history and he wanted to find a solution for a mystery kind of problem. A rare mix of gems to find such a doctor who showed empathy and cared like a family person. For a patient like me, these kinds of doctors are the saviors. He cleared all my doubts with proper explanations. Simply saying nothing happened is not enough. This doctor went beyond and inspected from all angles and he is very much open so I could feel free.

Sreedhar Chouty

Writing this review after 1months of Surgery, My father had L4 and L5 Spinal issues for a few months and for that, we have been connected to Dr. Kiran Lingutla Sir through I am coming directly for 1 st time after all clinical examinations suggested for surgery. Before surgery my father was not able to walk and sit for hours, after surgery he can able to walk and sit happily. It’s a great honor even to write about you, most importantly The way you try to improve yourself as a better doctor on a day-to-day basis and keeping in touch with your patients is so heart-touching. I strongly believe the doctor is I recommend the best doctor in Yasodha Hospital in spine surgery. it. To put it simply about how to express It's so good to see my father come back to normal, thanks for your treatment with personal care. Thanks for your support Kiran sir & Sneha.

Ranganayakulu Sallagundla

I am a 51-year-old male with an athletic body from the USA, and I have an issue with mild left-sided neck pain that radiates to the shoulder blade for a long time. It never really bothers me during my daily activities and gym sessions. I initially consulted different doctors who conducted tests, including x-rays, but they didn't express much concern. They advised me to change my posture while sitting, standing, and sleeping, as well as continue with gym exercises or physiotherapy. Last year, while visiting India, I experienced back spasms and sought help from an orthopedic surgeon at Yashoda Hospital. I underwent MRI scans for my cervical, lumbar, and thoracic spines, which revealed disk bulges in all my lumbar discs and some degenerative changes in my cervical spine. Unfortunately, I didn't visit a spine surgeon at that time, so I didn't receive proper recommendations, except for doing some physiotherapy. It was a mistake not to consult a spine surgeon since orthopedic surgeons lack extensive knowledge in dealing with spinal issues. Upon returning to the US, I consulted two spine surgeons who reviewed my MRI results and both concluded that surgery wasn't necessary. They advised me to visit pain management centers for epidural steroid injections and see how it goes. However, I decided to go back to India and have the procedure performed by a renowned surgeon who specializes in spinal issues, as opposed to pain management doctors or anesthesiologists who lack surgical expertise. The ESI (epidural steroid injection) procedure is complex and should only be performed by qualified spine surgeons who possess knowledge about spinal nerves. I chose Dr. KIRAN LINGUTLA due to his extensive knowledge and incredible experience in performing thousands of surgeries and ESI procedures. Right from the beginning, when I contacted Dr. Lingutla's office in the USA via email, everything went smoothly and professionally until our first meeting. After reviewing the initial diagnosis and all the previous documents, it was determined that undergoing further evaluation with additional MRI scans and x-rays was necessary. After reviewing the MRI and x-ray reports, Dr. Kiran confirmed that surgery is not required and suggested proceeding with the ESI (epidural steroid injection) instead. The ESI procedure for my cervical spine and sacrum was done very smoothly, taking around 20 minutes. I never felt like I was in an operating room, and everything went well without any side effects during or after the procedure. Dr. Lingutla visited me again post-procedure, and his junior, Dr. Sneha D, was always there until I was discharged. I am currently on medication and waiting for clearance to start my physiotherapy, which will help alleviate the mild disc bulge. This condition is 100% reversible through proper physiotherapy, maintaining correct sitting, standing, and sleeping postures, and making adjustments in my daily activities and diet. Hopefully, in the next 3 to 6 months, I will be free from all my issues and back to normal. I am confident and more positive than ever after meeting with Dr. Kiran and his team. I strongly recommend Dr. Kiran Lingutla and his team for any SPINAL ISSUES because: 1)Dr. Kiran's exceptional talent, courtesy, and professionalism are evident not only in his impressive academic background but also in his track record of conducting thousands of successful procedures. His commitment to prioritizing patient needs over corporate interests is commendable. Additionally, both Dr. Kiran and Dr. Sneha diligently follow up with patients over the phone or through texts to address any concerns. In my 28 years of living in the USA, I have never encountered a renowned surgeon who provides such compassionate care to their patients

4k Technologies

I was suffering from sciatica pain for the last 2 months and tried all medications and physio but had no results. Later consulted Dr. Kiran Lingutla for further diagnoses and he suggested to go for surgery as the disc prolapse is more. He clearly explained the surgery and the care that has to be taken after surgery. I joined in Yashoda Somajiguda for the surgery and the overall experience was very satisfactory. The surgery went well with very minimum pain at the surgery site and the radiating pain was relieved after the surgery. The doctor helped me to walk comfortably after 5 hours of the surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Kiran Lingutla for any spine-related issues.

Abhinav Narna

Hi! I am Atanu pani , residing in Hyderabad age 48yrs. I had severe back pain(spinal) and the pain thoroughly out the left leg. I am not even keeping my legs on floor , walk,ing etc for 2 to 3 days. I was nervous and consult with neurologists and others doctors who used high-dose painkiller injections as well as tablets but relief for 1 to 2 hrs. I search through Google and choose Dr.Kiran K L after discussing it with all . Spine surgery is a very critical surgery among all surgery if anything wrong during surgery chance to paralised or brain hamarage. I consult with Dr.Kiran and got confidence for surgery. On 29/03 /23 I was admitted at Yashoda and the operation was done on 1st April 23 and discharged on 04th April. Finally, Dr. Kiran give me my life back and really we all thankful to Doctor Kiran. I remember one sentence of Dr. Kiran pre-surgery consultation (I AM GOOD IN OPERATION NOT COMMERCIAL) THANKS TO DR KIRAN FROM OUR FAMILY

Ap Ts

My name is Radha Krishna. Our sister-in-law. I have been suffering from back pain for 2 years. No matter where it was shown, it did not decrease. Later on Google Dr. Kiran Lingutla sir I have shown in Hyderabad Somajiguda. He said that he should see and operate. The next morning, after the operation, he was taken to the evening. I am very happy now. Dr. Our heartfelt thanks to Kiran Lingutla sir

Krishnavani Ragam

My mother-n-law has been suffering from severe back pain from past 5 years and has visited many doctors with very little improvement. Dr. Kiran was suggested by a family friend and Dr. was quick to understand the history and recommend a procedure. My mother-in-law got admitted last week for a Lumbar Injection procedure and she has great relief from back pain from the very next day. Thanks to the Doctor and his team for the constant follow-up even after discharge.

Suman Mathew

Very good doctor. Explains everything clearly. Got my spine pain fixed without surgery.

Nanda Kishore

I was totally impressed the way Dr.Kiran Kumar Lingutla treated my patient. Excellent doctor, great humanitarian. I have not yet met any other Doctor like him who takes so much personal care of the patients. He did our surgery after a few days our patient was feeling good and comfortable as compared to before.

Rahul Maity

I had a fracture in spine and was admitted in a multi-specialty hospital. I did not get any relief and thus reached out to Dr. Kiran. Not only he was able to manage my pain, but I got better quickly and within days I was able to walk normally and can do all the activities absolutely fine now. Above all, he was patient with all my queries and friendly. A big thanks to him!

Ruchi Choudhary

Went to the hospital with the reference of Dr. Mr. Ganesh Jaishetwar, I was suffering from severe left hand ache and shoulder pain too. So I was in the hospital for 24hrs and all the tests were done and Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla had suggested for a cervical disc replacement surgery. The surgery went really well, and the next day after the surgery the doctor made me to walk, which gave a ray of hope that I'm going to be a normal person again. Special thanks to Mr. Kiran kumar lingutla for helping me out with right treatment at right time.

Srikanth Shree

Happy to have known about KL Health Centre clinic. My wife was having acute low back ache for more than a month and was hardly able to stand or walk. She was having excruciating pain in her lower back which continued till mid thigh. Dr Kavita Rani garu has then. suggested us to visit KL Health Centre clinic. On visiting the clinic, Dr Kiran Lingutla garu has assessed the problem and we were prescribed with some tests and medication as he was reluctant for a surgery. Surprisingly, the pain subsided in 2 days. But unfortunately, the L5S1 disc started creating more pressure on the nerves which caused intense pain radiating down the legs. Dr Kiran Kumar garu has immediately suggested us for a surgery. Everything went off well during the surgery and my wife was relieved from the excruciating pain just like the snap of a finger. She was discharged on the second day after her surgery and was able to walk. The best part is the friendly and polite nature of Dr Kiran Lingutla garu, who listened to all our problems and answered all our queries patiently. We are really happy to have visited KL Health centre clinic and i would recommend one and all to visit KL Health centre clinic for a healthy and happy life. Thankyou you sir.

Ravi Verma

Starting with Thanking Dr. KIRAN KUMAR LINGUTLA sir for treating my mother with the spine(L5 S1) fracture. My mother name is Suvarnamma from Nandyal. She was suffering with left leg pain from past 4 to 5 months. We went to a lot of hospitals but no use then we came to know about Dr.KIRAN KUMAR LINGUTLA sir from one of our relative doctor. So we went to visit Dr. KIARAN KUMAR LINGUTLA sir and he examined my mother and found issue with the spine(L5 S1 fracture) and also she lost power to her left leg thumb. So he advised to have spine TLIF surgery then we said ok and surgery happend on 7th Jan 2023 by Kiran sir. The very next day after surgery he adviced her to walk and she got her thumb power back. 2 days after surgery he discharged her from the hospital. DR. KIRAN KUMAR LINGUTLA SIR IS LIKE GOD FOR US.

Jayavardhan Reddy Karnati

My grandmother, 72 yrs was completely bedridden with no movement in her legs and completely in pain unable to sit or even sleep when we got the reference of Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla. Consulted a few doctors earlier and the only suggestion we got was to go for surgery but the doctors themselves were not confident enough that she will make out of surgery considering her age and diabetic condition. We actually thought that kyphoplasty might work but considering her compression fracture of L1 Dr. Kiran suggested to go for surgery. He was so confident that she will make out of surgery which gave a positive boost to us. He performed Minimal Invasion (keyhole) Spine Surgery (MISS) and in the evening time after the surgery, doctors made her sit and she was able to sit without that horrible pain that she was having prior to the surgery. Now that I am writing this review 3 months post-op, this is a true miracle for us that she is able to walk independently without any support and all the credit goes to Dr. Kiran and his team for boosting our confidence and having faith in his skills. I cannot thank him and his team enough today and he keeps in touch and makes sure that everything is smooth post op.

Sri Devya Durga Sarvani Nanduri

I had immense pain in lower back radiating down my left leg and was bedridden, could not even sit for more than 30 secs. Dr.Kiran Lingutla diagnosed and performed a disc decompression surgery on my spine and I found relief almost immediately after the surgery. Now a month I have recovered fully. My experience with Dr.Kiran Lingutla and his team at Yashoda Hospital has been excellent and would strongly recommend him.

Swarnabha Lahiri

Huge thanks to my dearest friend and Doctor Mr. Kiran Lingutla and his team for their excellent efforts and services. My mother aged 72 has been suffering from torturous pain and numbness in the spine and the pain has been aggravated since last few years, so she went for a surgery 8yrs back, but with no improvement. She could not walk couple of steps without support. We consulted Mr.Kiran Lingutla, he was very patient and explained the smallest of the details and their outcomes. he has suggested and motivated for Revision Spine Surgery , L3-L5 Fusion Spine Surgery and ensured that she will be able to walk independently. Our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Kiran who boosts the morale of the patient so that they are motivated and feel much better than ever.

Jyothi S P

I am writting this review one month after L4-L5 spine surgery. My fathers name is Goutam Chatterjee, from West Bengal, Raniganj. In 2019, he was feeling a tremendous pain in his spine and both legs, specially in left leg. We visited many doctors in Durgapur, Asansol, Raniganj but nothing. Finally, we met with Dr Kiran sir at Hydrabad yashoda hospital. After MRI report, he gave my father a injection. He advised my father to live normal life and he feel a big relief after that. He forgot about his spine problem. On mid july 2022, he feel the same pain, even from that time he could not walk. We again visited him. He carefully listened to my father. He explained to us about the whole treatment process. Dr Kiran sir, did a surgery on 5th August 2022. The very next day after surgery he adviced him to walk. 2 days after surgery he discharged him from the hospital. Today, 05 th September 2022, he is very happy and confident. DR. KIRAN LINGUTLA SIR, IS THE BLESSINGS OF GOD FOR US.

Suraj Chatterjee

Have consulted Dr Kiran for my brother’s treatment as he has been suffering from severe back pain and leg pain from past 1year. After consulting, Dr Kiran has suggested to perform a minor surgery and explained each and every single process during surgery as well. After surgery within 1 day my brother is feeling better with no pain at all. Dr Kiran is been in touch also about the condition of the patient and has been responding to the queries at anytime when we asked about the same.

Pranadeep Varma

As My mother of age 48years she was suffering from severe pain , tightening of legs since last four years ,we met "DR KIRAN KUMAR LINGUTLA SIR" sir has said patient is suffering from thoracic spine T-10; T-11;nerve compression. sir preferred to spine surgery .sir has done surgery successfully now the patient has been successfully relaxed and cured from pains and tightening of legs ☺️☺️

Md Ahmed Ali

I have seen nd met the best doctor in my life


I had severe low back pain & on left leg pain I.e. L4- L5 Lumber disc bulge, after consulting Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla ( Spine Surgeon) at Yashoda Hospital - Hyderabad, now after operating back surgery, feeling comfort, i mean no any low back pain or left leg pain.. Thanks much to Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla & his team for making me back to normal life.

Prakash Patil

My wife age 52 years she was suffering with severe back pain immediately we contacted Dr.kiran Kumar Lingula late Sunday evening He responded well and I joined her Yashoda Hospitals somajjiguda .Dr Kiran Kumar treated extremely well for her back problem of L3/L4/L5 and she recovered with in 24hours .we are THANKFUL to DOCTOR for fast and good recovery .Also Jr Swathi supported us well

Suresh Babu Vellanki

A huge thanks to Dr. Kiran Kumar lingutla and his team for their excellent service. My mother aged 58 and was suffering from backpain from past 35 years and her pain aggravated from 2005 then she started taking medicine under doctors advice but nothing works then we decided to come to Yashoda Hospital here we meet with an excellent person Dr. Kiran Kumar lingutla who was very much confident about my mom surgery. After surgery my mother started walking on her own on second day, after 3 days of her surgery she get discharged and now she is able to walk and move and she feels more better than before.. Thanks to lingutla sir and his team for their excellent effort.

Tushar Nath

My mom has been suffering from spine fracture and consulted almost 4 doctors at my native place and still the pain is same, I have connected one of my friend working in Yashoda, she suggested me to visit Dr.Kiran Kumar lingutla sir so I have decided take an appointment with kiran sir, We explained everything and with patience sir have listened everything and gave medication and told us to visit after a month later compression on spinal, Kiran sir suggested vertebroplasty after the surgery my mom is feeling good and now she is able to sit. Thank you so much Kiran sir and team

Mohafeez Hussain

WE Had consulted Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla for our mother Mrs. Padmavathi who is 76 years old and due to a spine problem was not able to walk or even turn in the bed. She was confined to bed only with no movement at all. We consulted Dr. Kiran Kumar lingutla who saw the condition of our mother and he assured us that with the surgery she will be able to walk. The doctor performed L1 AND L4 VERTEBROPLASTY IN SEPTEMBER. Now after surgery, our mother is perfectly fine she can walk and is in perfect health For us, it's a miracle that our mother is normal today and is walking for which we are very grateful to Dr.Kiran Kumar Lingutla BHAVANI AND MAHADEVAN DAUGHTER AND SON OF Mrs. Padmavathi

Bhavani Sridhar

I am Mahipal Reddy from Karimnagar age:-40. I had serious spine infection due to liver problems. We met Dr.Kiran Lingutla sir after our gastrologist Dr Kiran Peddi sir reference. Kiran Lingutla sir examine me fully and suggested spine surgery as infection had spread. I was unable to walk due to pain and leg weakness. Kiran Lingutla Sir perform my Spine surgery on 7 th March. Now I am able to walk without any help or support. Thank you very much sir for making me walk again. 🙏

Mahipal Reddy

Precision treatment with super humane approach. I am seeing Dr.Kiran Lingutla for quite some time for my lower back pain/ spine issue . Doctor Kiran listens to the issue very patiently understands the problem thoroughly and brings in utmost comfort in patient’s mind as he clearly informs about outcome of the medication / treatment / procedure which he advices which gives lot of confidence to patient. Recently Doctor Kiran has performed micro discectomy procedure on me; sincere thanks to Doctor Kiran and his team for the big relief I got from my spine/lower back severe pain and its related severe leg pain. Doctor Kiran’ treatment heals the problem to the core. Thanks so much from bottom of my heart to Doctor Kiran for his treatment .

Vijay Kalur

I had been suffering from back pain for almost 20 years, which got worse in the recent years. That was when I was referred to Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla garu by Dr. Pramod Kumar Garu. When I first met him, I was very impressed by Dr. Kiran garu’s demeanor. He was very friendly and approachable which made it easy to communicate with him. He was very patient and cleared all my doubts and worries about the surgery. His team was excellent and seemed very passionate. They took good care of me prior and post operation. I’m glad to have met such an excellent doctor and I’m very happy with the result. Now I am recovering well. Pushpa sekhar

Sudeeksha Reddy

We came to yashoda hospital with an emergency through ambulance and with in 5 days we are leaving the hospital by our own, you can assume how well the treatment is in yashoda hospital. The treatment and the hospitality in the hospital is extremely good. 1000liters water tank has fallen on my fathers hands and he has unconscious, his hands never responded due to the heavy wait and an injury has happened on his spine nerve which connects to the entire body. Without going any surgery or operation they have given a good treatment with medicines and he is all set now. He is able to walk and take his own food and my father is able to complete all his necessary work with his own hands. I really thanks to DR.kiran Kumar Lingutla and his team. The way he spoken to the patients and the confidence and motivation he has given to us. Dr. Kiran kumar Lingutla I don't have the words how to say you big thanks. You are the big asset. We will remember you in our prayers. Thank you so much sir for giving my father back how he is actually.

Subhan Basha

Writing this Review after 4 months of Surgery,My Mother had L3 and L4 Spinal issue for few years and for that we have been connected to Dr Kiran Lingutla Sir through Online for 1 st time after all clinical examination suggested for surgery . Before surgery my mother was not able walk and sit for hour, after surgery she can able to walk and sit happily. It’s a great honour even to write about you, most importantly the way you try to improve yourself as a better doctor on a day to day basis and keeping in touch with your patients is so heart touching. I strongly believe doctor is not someone who just cure illness of the patient but also boosts the morale of the patient so that they can feel much better than ever. it was there in your treatment for sure.what else can one ask for from a doctor. To put simple about how to express my gratitude – No one wants to see a doctor being a patient, but it’s worth to keep in contact with someone like you who is a well established overall person. Its so good to see my Mother come back to normal , thanks for your treatment with personal care . Thanks for your support Kiran sir &Swathi

Tumati Madhu

Hii myself pooja 30 years old from gulbarga karnataka I had very bad pain of L4 & L5 and the pain was radiating through my left leg and I was unable to walk or sit for even half an hour.I consulted doctor over video consulation and he treated me initially and asked me to get done with epidural and facet block ,since my pain was too serious I visited him and got treated through a day care procedure. Very friendly doctor he is down to earth ,he is available over call any time ,one the best doctor I have ever met at Yashoda. Treatment was so quick and they have taken care until I left the post op ward. Would suggest to get treated by him if u have any spine related issue.

Pooja Harthi

I had pain in my left leg for 2 months and was unable to walk for long distances. MRI scan revealed that I had nerve compression at L5-S1 region. We found Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla Sir through Yashoda website and reviews on Google. We first consulted the doctor via video call (which is a rarity) as I was in my hometown taking rest. Our first impression was the doctor was very calm, smiling and listened to our problem. He explained the problem in detail and suggested to go for surgery after which I could lead a normal life. I underwent surgery on 14 Apr 2022. To my surprise doctor made me walk after 3 hours of surgery. My sciatic pain had gone away and now I am recovering well. My parents, sister and friends join me in thanking the doctor for the successful surgery and counselling. I also thank Dr.Swathi and supporting staff for their professional and humane approach & making me comfortable for undergoing surgery and during post surgery visits.

L G Harsha

I have been treated by doctor Mr Kiran Kumar Lingutla for the back pain problem (spondilo lysthesys) I was suffering. Surgery was done on 27th April, 2021. Surgery was successful. The pain which I was feeling earlier, now I don't have the pain. Following the instructions given by doctor. Now I can walk freely without any support. Many thanks to doctor and his team.


Dr. Lingutla Kiran is amazing person and so professional in his work as Spine Surgeon. Came to know about him through online search for one of best Spine surgeon in both Telugu states and after I met him at Yashoda, the process of diagnosing the problem and his care made me fell that I was in safe hands.He was awesome on his expertise in dealing with patient to know what was the root cause of issue. My father was suffering pain on back ,thighs and legs. Doctor found that it was due to Nerve compression by L4-L5 joints at spine. He recommended Decompression Fusion surgery to take pain out of nerve and there by releasing pain. He made my father to undergo few tests before planned for surgery. It was quite smooth on surgery and post surgery instructions as well to recover well , Now my father is back to his regular life. Many Thanks to Dr.Lingutla Kiran and his staff Dr.Rajnikanth. I highly recommend this facility for any person having spine issues to get them fixed.


At the age of 25, having such a problem can bring you down. And to be honest I was feeling quite helpless. But the moment I visited Dr. Kiran who was kind enough to listen to my entire story, I immediately felt that this was the right place. Currently I am getting treated under him and so far I am feeling much more confident enough. Regards, Yankee

Yankee Parasar

My brother was suffering from spinal nerve problem recently and legs became weak after that. He was unable to walk properly with the pain. We consulted few doctors in Hyderabad, they said my brother may be paralised soon so we were too much worried. After consulting Dr. Kiran Kumar lingutla he explained the exact problem to us and confidently told us that the patient should undergo a surgery and will be able to make his walk properly within a day time. We gained confidence and trusted the doctor, went for the surgery. My brother was able to walk properly in a day time after the surgery and his life was changed. I here by thank Dr. Karan for the treatment and Yashoda Hospitals management for the Co operation

Suresh Gangula



My mother had severe back pain and coccyx (tailbone)pain.She was unable to sleep or stand for more than 5 minutes. We went to Dr Kiran kumar lingutla at yashoda.With his medication and recommendation to get physiotherapy,my mother got cured within one month.Big thanks to Kiran kumar lingutla sir.

Smitha S

I Abhilash reddy working in Australia ,fell down from steps and I injured my spine on nov 7 ,2019 at my home town , after fall I couldn't even stand or walk myself . Immediately i met my grand father who is a general physician in Karimnagar. He referred me to Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla , specialised in spine surgery at Yashoda hospital Somajiguda . I was very nervous after injury but Dr Kiran Kumar Lingutla Sir treated me like a brother and given moral support initially . He advised me to go for minimal invasive surgery on I I nov 2019, after surgery immediately next day I can walk easily without any support. Now I can do my work in Melbourne as before. I really thank wholeheartedly Dr. Kiran kumar Lingutla Sir and Yashoda hospitals for giving me a second life

Abhilash Reddy

I was suffering from dizziness and neck problems for a few months. I have consulted numerous doctors, chiropractors, and Physiotherapists in the U.K. but none were sure about what was going on. I am glad I had an opportunity to meet Dr. Lingutla. His conversation started with reassurance, he patiently listened to my case and answered my questions. I was paranoid about the situation and mostly the experience of having to go for an MRI. He instantly realized I was claustrophobic and arranged for me to see a diagnostics center that has open MRI services in Hyderabad. What took me 3 months back in the UK was diagnosed in 1/2 day in India, and I have a lot to thank Dr. Lingutla for making this happen. He suggested a few lifestyles and dietary changes, which helped me get back to normal. I highly recommend Dr. Lingutla for anyone who is in need.

Harika Akkinepalli

My mom had back problems. I took her to this clinic. Both the doctor and his assistant were very good. They were respectful and communicated well with both me and my mother. My mom is doing better. She was bent over and now she is standing straight. The doctor saw her to check on her every few days and kept a good eye on her. We were happy with their care.

Najah Hashi

First of all I thank to Dr. Kiran Kumar, because my mother is suffering from back pain from almost 6 months and she is not able to sit and stand for not even 30 secs.she use to take her food in sleeping position.We met 3 doctors but no one has given me that such a confidence to go for surgery. By Google's grace I got kiran sir details and all the patients feedback. I Met Dr. kiran on 7th December and the way he treated a patient and asking there problems and understanding there problems is fantastic. My mother undergone a surgery for L4 & L5 in the very next day she is walking. We are completely happy on her day to day recovering from her back pain. THANK YOU SO MUCH DR. KIRAN KUMAR LINGUTLA .I know thanks is a small word to praise your work.....and You are the BEST. I would highly recommend this place.

Prathap Parthu

I visited doctor for my lower back pain. He was friendly in explaining me what was happening and suggested some medication accordingly.

Harish Pullagurla

Hi am Prakash from karanataka I was suffering with left leg sciatica problem since one month. One of my family doctor suggested to meet Dr Kiran kumar Lingutla. After consulting, he suggested me to get few scans and told me that I got disc prolapse close to 80% of disc compressing the nerves and he suggested me for surgery(discectomy). After surgery I am able to walk the very next day and radiating pain also is not there now. Iam doing well now . Thank you Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla sir and Team.

Prakash Chowdhary

I Sujith Bera from Durgapur visited Dr. Kiran Lingutla sir due to severe back sciatica, Sir gave me Epidural steroid injection and treated my pain without Surgery. Thanks so much, Sir you are the best spine surgeon.

Sujith Bera

My father Mr. Krishna Murthy Garu had severe back pain and was bedridden for almost 1week, not able to sit or stand. We have visited Doctors at my place, said he got a fracture in the spine and asked us to visit the higher center. One of our treating doctor asked us to consult Dr Kiran lingutla sir at Yashoda hospital, somajiguda, Hyderabad. We brought my father here to Yashoda hospital. Dr. Kiran lingutla has seen him and did a CT and MRI scan and told he had a fracture in the spine. Said he would do better after surgery. Sir did minimal invasive spine surgery. After surgery, he was able to sit, stand and walk without pain. We are very much happy now. We thank Dr. Kiran lingutla sir.

Vamana Murthy

Lovely Doctor & lucky to meet him. I visited him for my mother's spinal arthritis associated with other complications as well. It's been long I was going everywhere , but haven't got the answer , that what exactly is happening regarding her back. As only repeated MRIs used to be taken and no any findings with respect to the patient's symptoms. Just with every passing day, she was only suffering irrespective of various medicines . It's here with Dr. Kiran Kumar lingutla sir, I got the answers. What & why it's happening & what shall be done, he explained. Feeling now, she is in the right hand and hoping she will recover gradually. Looking forward to meeting him again as suggested after medications. Thanks & Regards

Surya Deo

Wonderful experience with Dr. Kiran & team. Such a difficult spine surgery operation made so easy & comfortable for me. I m able to walk the very next day. Thank you once again.

Ritesh Singh

I'm working as a marine design engineer in Singapore. I got a chronic radiating leg pain since 17 Nov 2019. In this time I can't sleep, walk and sit. I saw some doctors in Singapore they suggest surgery they told me it's open surgery and bone cutting. I search in Google and I found Dr Kiran Kumar Lingutla profile and immediately we came to India to meet the doctor. I got admitted to Yashoda Hospital. I came to the hospital by wheelchair and the doctor suggested me minimally invasive spine surgery without any bone cutting and the next day I go for surgery. Surgery was done and I was able to walk normally without pain on the same day just 2 hours after the surgery. I was discharged the very next day of surgery. I'm sincerely thankful to Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla sir and team.

Chaitanya Relangi

I bring my siz to Hyderabad india and we went so many hospital at long last we find Dr.Kiran Kumar Linguta in yashoda hospital ...he is the best orthopaedic spine surgeon ...thk u sir.he did surgery for spine before she didn't walk and it's success and she walking now. we going back Somalia. thanks so much for your help.

Madeunko Unko

I syed sarvar Ali came to yashoda hospital somajiguda with serious spinal pain on 15may2019.i met with DR:KIRAN KUMAR LINGUTLA. He gave me treatment which is with in 8 days I am completely feeling better now I don't have any pain it's such miracle. Now I am so happy I am very thankful to this doctor thanks once again

Syed Sarvar Ali

Am suman chatterjee from ranigang have admitted my mother on 21st may,2019 with serious back pain. Have got the details of Dr. Kiran kumar Lingutla from one of my relatives. Dr. Kiran Kumar attend my mother and suggest for a surgery. Dr. Kiran Kumar operate on her and take a lot of care. Now she is fit and can walk & sit properly. I am very happy with the Dr. and associats of this hospital. He is a very good doctor. God bless him

suman chatterjee

Great doctor, with lot of patience and happy smile, by talking with the doctor itself, I feel that 90% of my disease has been cured and remaining 10% by using the medicines.

Kaushik S

Hi, My father was suffering from very bad back pain from past 1 year, we visited almost 4 spine surgeons and we decided to go with Kiran Sir. we were under tremendous pressure whether to carry out the surgery( L4,L5 disk bulge problem) or not, after multiple discussions with Doctor, we decided to go for it and surgery happened on 1st April. Thanks to Kiran Sir and team, now my father is able to walk and doing his own day to day activities with out any problem. Sir, You are marvelous and very much happy for the kind of support during our tough time.

Suman Bhoopati

My father in law - Mr. Ujjal kumar Dhar was suffering from some severe spine problem and he was not able to walk due to massive pain. We have shown couple of doctors but nothing was effective. We got the information of Dr. Kiran Kumar - spine surgeon in yashoda hospital, somajiguda and we took his valuable consultancy ,got the surgery done and very very satisfied. Thanks to Dr. Kiran for the kind support given to us. Regards... Labani Dhar ( Daughter in law of Mr. Ujjal kumar dhar)

Labani Dhar

Dr. Kiran Kumar lingutla treated my son he is a excellent in his speciality he treated so greatly services here in international ward excellent food, house keeping also very well...

Ajibike Olaseni

A week ago My father admitted under Dr. Kiran Kumar lingutla sir spine surgeon he treated my father very well and we are happy with the general ward services now we are discharged and definitely recommend to family n friends...

Naresh M

I got my uncle Mr llyes Mohamed Abdulle from Mogadishu ,Somalia to see Dr.Kiran Lingutla Sir after reference from his other patients . He was walking bent to one side and had severe pain and we visited other centers and they said the surgery was very risk and luckly we met Dr. Kiran Lingutla Sir at Yashoda Hospital-Somajiguda and he guided us through the procedure of the surgery and he has good relief after surgery and finally surgery was done succesful and all the bones were straigtened and now no pain and he is walking normal. We appreciate Dr.Kiran Kumar Lingutla Sir About the good servive and the treatement he has give to us. May God bless him

Rukia Hussien Ali

I bring my siz to Hyderabad india and we went so many hospital at long last we find Dr.Kiran Kumar Linguta in yashoda hospital he is the best orthopaedic spine surgeon .thk u sir.he did surgery for spine before she didn't walk and it's sucss and she walking now.we going back Somalia. thanks so much for your help


I syed sarvar Ali came to yashoda hospital somajiguda with serious spinal pain on 15may2019.i met with DR:KIRAN KUMAR LINGUTLA. He gave me treatment which is with in 8 days I am completely feeling better now I don't have any pain it's such miracle. Now I am so happy I am very thankful to this doctor thanks once again

Syed Sarvar Ali

Great doctor, with lot of patience and happy smile, by talking with the doctor itself, I feel that 90% of my disease has been cured and remaining 10% by using the medicines.

Kaushik S

Am suman chatterjee from ranigang have admitted my mother on 21st may,2019 with serious back pain. Have got the details of Dr. Kiran kumar Lingutla from one of my relatives. Dr. Kiran Kumar attend my mother and suggest for a surgery. Dr. Kiran Kumar operate on her and take a lot of care. Now she is fit and can walk & sit properly. I am very happy with the Dr. and associats of this hospital. He is a very good doctor. God bless him

Suman Chatterjee

Hi am from Kenya, My father aged 69yrs was suffering from very bad back pain from past three months. He was having very difficulty to walk even with support of a stick. we visited almost 6 spine surgeons (4 in my home country ,2 in India).. and we decided to go with Kiran Sir. we were under tremendous pressure whether to carry out the surgery (L2,L3 disk bulge problem) or not, after multiple discussions with Doctor, we decided to go for it and surgery happened on 12/07/19. After surgery the pain reduced to almost negligible level. He will be discharged tomorrow. Thanks to Kiran Lingutla Sir and his team, now my father is able to walk without any problem Sir, You are marvelous and very much happy for the kind of support during our tough time.

Abbubakar Sheik

My mother had been suffering from backpain and leg pain for last 10 years. Medicines didn't work for her. Since it went unbearable at a moment we approached Dr.Kiran After the surgery (18th July) she's feeling good and regaining the lost hope. She's able to sit and walk without any pain. Sir and his team are so caring for patients. It's my duty to update here about you Dr.Kiran Kumar sir. Thank you


Dr.Kiran Lingutla is a very polite friendly with good communication, thanks to Yashoda team and Sir .

Vinay v Kumar g

Very nice experience I had. Will definitely recommend to my family members

Kiran Kumar Dasari

He's too good loving caring dr

Seema agarwal

Wonderful human being Expert Spine Surgeon Precision in Diagnosis Patient listener Highly talented & skilled Spine Surgeon Really fortunate to have Dr Kiran at our reach.

Dr Sepuri Krishna Mohan

Dr Kiran Kumar Lingutla is very patient. Spoke with my mother for quite some time. And provided with different solutions.

Venu Merugu

Dr.kiran kumar lingutla is excellent spine surgeon and treatment is excellent and Op team work is excellent.

Arjun N

Visited Dr Kiran for leg pain and he spent considerable amount of time to go through my files and was very patient. He was very thorough and ordered appropriate tests. He reviewed all the tests with me and explained in detail and solved my issue. Very pleased with him. Would recommend this doctor to all my friends and family. Staff very well mannered and helpful especially his assistant Ms. Swapna. Thanks to all

Sareen Muthyala

Dr.Kiran kumar Lingutla Treatment is excellent, Op staff good.

Srinivas Garlapati
Languages known
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Sacroiliac joint fusion for low back pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis
European Spine Journal ( Jun 2016 )
Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla, R.Pollock & S.Ahuja
Outcome of lumbar spinal fusion surgery in obese patients- A systematic review & meta-analysis of observational studies
Bone and joint Journal –British edition ( Oct 2015 )
Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla, R Pollock, T.Friesem & M.Krishna
Does Position of Patient Affect Outcome of Sacral Epidural Injection for Sciatica? A Randomized Controlled Trial
The Spine Journal, Volume 8, Issue 5 & Pages 119S-119S
Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla, B. Purushothaman, A. Singh, C. Bhatia, R. Pollock & M. Krishna
Do Patients with Chronic Back Pain Sleep Well
The Spine Journal,Volume 8, Issue 5 & Pages 160S-161S
Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla, B. Purushothaman, A. Singh, C. Bhatia, R. Pollock & M. Krishna
Donor site morbidity following iliac crest bone harvesting for cervical fusion- a comparison between minimally invasive and open techniques
Eur Spine J. 2008 June & 17(6) 845–852
Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla, Raymond Pollock, Ilhan Alcelik, Chandra Bhatia, Graham Chuter, Chakravarthy Budithi & and Manoj Krishna
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